CBD: The Science Behind How It Works.


Back pain, neck pain and any other chronic pain can be a reason for our mood to change almost immediately. No one likes to feel uncomfortable! Have you ever thought about using using CBD for pain? This guide will help you to understand the kind of pain CBD can help with, as well as the science behind it all.

Did you know that almost one-third of Americans have used CBD products at least once in their lifetime? CBD can be used for different types of health issues, and many people use CBD for pain, arthritis, and to help them relax.

If you are thinking of experimenting with CBD products, keep reading this article. You’ll learn everything you need to know when it comes to how CBD works, how it can alleviate your pain, and how you should use it.

How CBD Works in Your Body

CBD is a substance found in the marijuana and hemp plant. It’s also known as cannabidiol, and studies suggest that it can have a profound effect on human health. Contrary to the popular belief, CBD alone doesn’t get you “high”.

The substance that has a psychoactive effect on your brain is THC. The marijuana plant contains THC, but when you buy CBD products, these are mandated by law to contain less than 0.3% THC. As a result, you can safely consume CBD products, reap their benefits, and not get high.

This is an important consideration because it allows you to alleviate pain while still being productive at work. You won’t feel any psychoactive effects, and you can still drive or perform intellectual work whenever necessary.

CBD influences your endocannabinoid system. This system plays a vital role in how you perceive pain and inflammation. By influencing the endocannabinoid system, CBD can alleviate chronic pain from different parts of the body. 

In other words, CBD can “numb” your pain and make you feel more comfortable. This can be a major benefit for athletes or people who are in constant pain and don’t want to rely on addictive painkilling medication.

CBD for Arthritis

Arthritis affects a large number of people in the US. This condition implies the swelling of one or more joints in your body. It’s commonly associated with pain and it gets worse as you age. When you have arthritis, your body is in a constant state of inflammation.

There are a lot of treatment options for people with arthritis, but CBD can also be helpful. CBD products such as topical creams or oils can be applied to the affected area to reduce swelling and inflammation.

In a short period, you will also see how pain gradually goes away. This applies to both chronic and acute pain. CBD can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis in people of all ages. You just have to find the right dosage that works for you.

CBD for Chronic Pain

Various parts of the body can become painful for various reasons. When you experience pain, the affected body part receives less oxygen and nutrients. Blood circulation is also disrupted in the affected area, and this is where CBD enters the picture.

CBD oils or CBD topical creams can reduce inflammation in the painful area, allowing blood to flow properly. As a result, your tissues get more oxygen and nutrients. CBD can alleviate chronic pains, even those that have been bugging you for years.

Best of all, CBD can work for pains situated in all parts of the body. Most people complain of lower back pain or neck pain. CBD can work wonders in both of these places. You can also use CBD products for knee pain, leg, shoulder, and ankle pains.

CBD for Skin Disorders

Some people struggle with different types of skin problems, disorders, or injuries. Some of these issues are genetic, while others have been acquired with the passing of time. Luckily, studies suggest that different CBD products are great for skin disorders too.

For example, CBD creams can be used to treat injuries, scratches, bruises, itchy and dry skin. They can also be used to reduce the inflammation and swelling in parts of the skin that have been bitten by bugs. You just have to apply a small amount of CBD oil or cream and wait for this substance to kick in.

How to Apply CBD Products on Your Skin

If you’re ready to experiment with different types of CBD products, you should begin by finding your favorite dosage first. Each person is different, so finding something that works for you takes a little bit of time.

Second, you should also know where to apply CBD products to alleviate the pain. For example, if you have a headache, applying CBD oil or lotion somewhere at the back of your neck might be the right thing to do.

Before applying CBD oil, make sure that you wash your skin first. There are a lot of microbes and bacteria present on the skin at any moment of the day. Removing those impurities first will only allow the CBD oil to work better for you.

Apply a generous amount of CBD cream or lotion on the affected area and gently massage the skin. Depending on how strong your CBD product is, you should feel the beneficial effects in 30 minutes or so. The effects might last a few hours.

The best moment where you can apply CBD products on your skin is before going to bed. This will allow a smooth transition to sleep and you might wake up fully rested. The pains that have bugged you for years and disturbed your sleep can now be eliminated with CBD products.

After applying CBD oil or cream, make sure that you wash your hands. Remember that this substance has a quick effect on the area where it’s being applied. You should wash your hands to avoid getting CBD oil in your eyes or mouth.

Now You Know How to Use CBD for Pain

CBD is the new best thing when it comes to pain management and alleviating the symptoms of stress and discomfort. This article revealed everything you need to know about CBD for pain and how to use it successfully for different types of health problems.

It’s also important to source your CBD products from trustworthy vendors. For example, check out our CBD pain rub that has 1000mg of CBD per tube. This product will help you relax and it will alleviate any acute or chronic pains you might have in your body. 

Fun Fact: Our Feel better pain rub was created by the Nilo Organics founder due to her chronic back pain. After having her first baby, she started to experience such strong back pain, specially in the cold weather. For years she never did anything about it. Until CBD became part of her every day ritual. Now a days, back pain is not something that she worries about.

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