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Our products help you feel better, sleep great and enjoy life stress free 😌.

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“Can’t start my day without it! “



“I take these for my anxiety and relaxation after a long day of dealing with work, kids, and a puppy.”

A plant-based remedy to de-stress and feel better

Take control of your day with our CBD products.

  • Anxiety

    Quiet the mind and stress less.

  • Pain

    Ease aches & discomforts

  • Sleep

    Get more zzz’s and wake up refreshed

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Lab Tested


Farmed in Oregon


Organic Hemp


Certified GMP


Vegan Friendly


Non-detectable THC

Feel calm with our CBD Drops

Support your sense of calm anytime of the day.


Mouth-watering gummies with CBD

Support a balanced body and mood.

Soothing Relief Rub with CBD

Soothing sensation for sore muscles, aches & joints.


Calming Drops for our pet friends.

Keep your four-legged friend feeling their best.

Clean with all the feels.

Handmade organic soap bars.

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About Nilo Organics

Nilo Organics was created out of complete LOVE. From the design to the taste, to the label. We wanted to create products that are so natural and potent made out of high quality hemp. We deeply believe that Health is Wealth!

At Nilo Organics we don’t just talk about health and wellness, we LIVE health and wellness! Every day!

Love, Nilo

Nilo Organics

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, one of 113 identified cannabinoids in the Hemp plant. Our products are carefully blended with 100% organically US grown hemp.

Our products offer all of the amazing benefits of the "Entourage Effect" with less than 0.3% THC. Carefully blended with just a few natural ingredients. It will not make you feel hazy or high.

The entourage effect happens when CBD is observed with other compounds from the hemp plant, rather than in isolation(Isolate CBD). In short, the effects of CBD are boosted by working synergistically with other compounds, like terpenes.

The amount per day is really based on how you feel. You can start with as little as 5mg and up to 150mg per day. We recommend you start low and work up as you feel more comfortable. 

No, theres not possible way to overdose from CBD.

100% legal.

The answer is no. Simply because CBD does not trigger pleasure in the brains center(Like other addictive drugs). CBD cannot get you high. Which means that if you stop taking it there will be no withdrawals.

You will receive your package within 3-7 days after you have placed your order.

Is there really a difference between a bar of soap that is bought from the grocery store and let's say, a nice handmade bar that you bought from a local farmer's market? Well, if you have ever done just that then you know the answer is a resounding YES!

Commercial bar soaps generally are produced on a large scale with harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and cheap perfumes or fragrances which all can cause irritation to your skin.

When you purchase Vegan Handmade soap:

  • It is handcrafted, or handmade, natural soap is created in small batches where as commercially available soaps and cosmetics are produced in a factory.
  • Natural soaps are typically of a higher quality because the ingredients used are usually also higher quality and most importantly are natural and not harmful to humans or the environment. 
  • When you purchase Natural Soap, you are supporting a small company and small business
  • Handmade bar soap is not made from synthetic detergents but organic, plant oils.
  • Natural soap is better for the environment because everything used in production and the final product is 100% natural and organic.