About Us

Helping people feel better with all-natural products for body and mind.


We know life can get a bit hectic with work, school, kids, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, keeping your home clean and everything in between. You deserve to take care of YOU. Nilo Organics is on your side! We wanted to create something so natural and potent that would help everyone! So that you can keep doing everything you do, with a little balance and calmness in your heart.

Our Story:

Nilo Organics was born in Chula Vista by me,  Mayra Tejeda in my lowest times after having my second child who was born via C-section. Having a newborn in the house plus the pain of the C-section made me lose sleep and also made me feel like I was always irritated. Prior to my pregnancy, I would run 3-5 miles at least four to five times a week. I stayed active until I was 8 and a half months pregnant because it was something that helped me relief stress. My #1 stress relief was running. When I had my C-section I couldn’t do anything for 8 weeks. So my #1 stress reliever was taken away from me. I couldn’t do anything.

I started to look for natural ways to help me feel better. My husband found CBD at our local Sprouts Market and I started using it. Surprisingly, I started to feel better. I loved it so much, I just wanted to share it with the world.

I decided to create a product that would help me get through my days while still helping me keep my health and wellness goals in check. Something that would help with my mental health as well as my physical health. That is how Nilo Organics was created. The name Nilo came from the combination of two names, Nickolas and Kylo. They are the children of the founder of Nilo Organics. Our products were specifically blended for our body and mind with all-natural and organic ingredients, which is where "Organics" come from.

If you are on this website, chances are that you are looking for something to help you achieve all your health and wellness goals. Or maybe you had already found your favorite CBD but now, you're ready to try Nilo Organics CBD products(Great Choice!).

We believe that in order to take care of someone else, we must be able to take care of ourselves first. That's not being selfish, we call it self-love. Everything we do at Nilo is built with this in mind and we hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do!

At Nilo Organics, we commit to providing our clients with the highest level of service and premium quality natural products in the market.

We are here to answer any questions, every step of the way. Message us or send us an email at hello@niloorganics.com.